Let's just start by saying that just because you can doesn't mean you should. The question has been raised "is it legal to drive barefoot or with flip-flops in Missouri?". The answer is probably more complicated than you think.

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I am NOT a lawyer, but I do play one on TV. Well, that's not true either. I don't even portray a lawyer in Pretend Land. Yes, this is my research, but you should talk to real lawyers for real law advice. This is (supposed to be) entertainment.

I've seen friends share an article by Fox News that claims there are no laws prohibiting barefoot driving including Missouri. Before you go kicking off the shoes and going all-foot natural, you need to know that not having "appropriate footwear" could get you busted.

But, what about flip-flops?

This is one instance where the trouble begins if you end up causing an accident. Similar to the question of barefoot driving, a Massachusetts woman was cited for "negligent operation" when she blamed her accident on flip-flops that got caught under an accelerator.

I found a law firm website (Bradley Law) which summed up the barefoot and flip-flop driving question in the same way. You can take your shoes off and/or slip on some flip-flops if that makes you more comfortable, but if they contribute to a wreck you cause, it gets dicey. They say it's the same situation if you have heavy work boots. They're fine, but can be an issue if an accident happens.

I'll revert back to my initial thought. Just because you can legally do something doesn't necessarily mean you should. Common sense wins the day every time.

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