It's easy to take some basic life abilities for granted. Imagine if you had no vision and the challenges that would bring. One blind Missouri man refused to allow his lack of sight limit him as video shows how he bravely leaped off of a ledge into a lake surrounded by friends.

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According to the video description, this happened at the NRO campground in Lebanon, Missouri on July 15, 2023. My understanding is his wife, Kira Arechiga-Vo, was the person who captured the video. Her husband's name is Trung and I believe he's been blind since birth. Here's what Kira said about this special moment:

"Trung, my blind husband being led to a cliff ledge by friends goes for his first dive. Friends describe the jump and how to land. This is at NRO campground in Lebanon, MO on 7/15/23. He landed safely, and brought back to land by friends. He said it was so fun and his heart was pounding."

This is a cool moment for all involved.

The funny thing is with my fear of heights and love of gravity, I'm not sure with my eyesight completely intact that I could have made this jump. For Trung, no worries.

Thanks to Kira for sharing her husband's brave leap. It just goes to show that you're only as limited as you allow your mind to think you are.

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