I liked the world better when it was quiet and boring. The current landscape is anything but as Russian President Vladimir Putin's regime just threatened 14 American targets with nuclear weapons and high on the list is a prime target in Missouri.

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According to a report by The Daily Express US, Vladimir Putin gave his Russian state of the union address on Thursday night. It is being reported that he alleged that the United States was preparing to strike Russian territory. In response, his regime named 14 American targets that would be targeted by nuclear weapons in the event that Russia was "threatened".

If you look at the 14 American locations named, you'll see a familiar Missouri place at #5...Whiteman Air Force Base. The fact that many of the United States stealth bombers call Whiteman Air Force Base home makes it a high priority for Russia to eliminate early on in a conflict. This target list was corroborated by The Sun also.

The situation gets even more dire as today it was revealed that classified documents from Russia had leaked revealing the threshold it would take for them to use a tactical nuclear weapon was much lower than they have stated previously.

It's believed that bases in both Missouri and Nebraska would likely be targeted if a horrific first-strike attack ever came from Russia.

Now for a little perspective. Russia and Putin specifically has threatened America with a nuclear attack multiple times just since the war in the Ukraine erupted a couple years ago. These new threats against Whiteman Air Force Base in Missouri and other American targets is almost certainly posturing and bluffing. That's my conviction and what I'll tell myself as I fall asleep tonight anyway.

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