No, you won't normally find alligators in Missouri. Yes, there was an alligator that was just spotted in a lake in the Show Me State. But, I've got some bad news and it's not about the alligator being found in a lake where it shouldn't have been.

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Wappapello Lake is located in southeastern Missouri just north of Poplar Bluff. Dylan Shular was there when he noticed something unusual in the water. This creature had really big teeth.

The Missouri Department of Conservation stated to KFVS two different things. #1. Alligators are not native to Missouri. That's a fact.

So what's the bad news about this Missouri gator sighting?

That's fact #2 shared by the Missouri Department of Conservation. They say that the alligator was "was killed by an area resource user.” What is an area resource user? Guessing that's someone at the lake?

So how did this alligator end up in a Missouri lake?

The authorities say that it's almost certainly someone's pet that escaped. That begs another question.

Can you have an alligator as a pet in Missouri?

World Population Review says that answer is yes if you have a Missouri permit. Translation? As long as you pay "the man" in Missouri, they'll let you play around with alligators. Of course.

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Let's hope we don't see anymore Idaho Alligators!

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