After a very stormy May, the hope was that thunderstorm development in Missouri would settle down in June. If artificial intelligence is correct, the opposite will be true as scary supercell development is predicted right in the middle of the month based on computer models.

My wife pointed me towards a Facebook status update today by Storm Chaser Adam Lucio. He mentioned mid-June as a potential trouble point for huge supercell development directly over Missouri.

According to the model shared by Adam, the composite is showing potentially explosive supercell development over Missouri on or around June 13, 2024.

I believe the models that have predicted this supercell outbreak in the middle of June over Missouri come from Illinois State University by Dr. Victor Gensini in the Department of Geographic and Atmospheric Sciences. It's worth noting that the last time artificial intelligence predicted big storms over Missouri, it happened just as the machines said it would. That doesn't mean it will be correct about June in Missouri, but it does mean that the models seem to be getting smarter about what is likely to happen.

As any meteorologist will tell you, there are many variables involved in forecasting weather and even one small change this far out will likely greatly affect whether or not this supercell development happens. Still, it bears watching as the robots seem to believe Missouri is in for a stormy mid-June. Time will tell if they're correct or not.

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