A popular drug store chain had announced that many locations would close beginning in late 2022 and early into 2023. One of those locations on the list was a historic corner drug store in Missouri, but then something happened.

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Best Life shared the sad news that Walgreens would be closing locations. On January 18, 2023, a location in Houston, Missouri was added to the list with the initial plan to close this small town pharmacy on March 7, 2023.

While most store closings are sad as they affect the employees and their families, there was something extra special about this Houston, Missouri Walgreens. The Grand Avenue location of Walgreens in Houston, Missouri had been a drug store for this small Missouri town since 1866.

The town newspaper, The Houston Herald, initially confirmed the Walgreen plans to close their location.

Then, something happened.

Just days away from the doors closing, the employees received some news from the parent company. Suddenly, Walgreens was now telling them they had decided to NOT close the drug store in March as The Houston Herald updated their story with this good news.

The question now is how long will it remain open. Publications like Money Pop are sharing lots of reports of store closings including Walgreens and businesses struggle to make ends meet.

At least for now, there's a reprieve for a small Missouri corner drug store that's been serving the community for 157 years. Let's hope it can hang in there and remain a staple of small town life in Houston, Missouri.

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