You would do well to take heed to new warnings just issued by the Missouri Highway Patrol about the upcoming historic total solar eclipse that will cross the state on April 8, 2024. Some are things you might not have thought of, but should.

The Missouri Highway Patrol issued a new bulletin just days ago advising residents to prepare and also avoid big mistakes during the total solar eclipse. They note that the eclipse path of totality will cover more than 115 miles from the Poplar Bluff area all the way through Cape Girardeau.

Here are the 10 things they warn you should and shouldn't do on eclipse day:

1. Do not plan on pulling over on any roadways or interstate when the eclipse reaches totality.

2. Make sure you know where you plan to view the eclipse safely and make sure to get there early.

3. Do not try to take pictures of the eclipse when you are driving.

4. If you do have to drive when the eclipse reaches totality, turn your headlights on manually and don't rely on them to turn on automatically.

5. Know that your travel before, during and after the eclipse will be slower than usual and allow for delays and very extended travel times.

6. Pay extra attention to pedestrians especially on less-traveled roads as some may seek these places for less congestion during eclipse.

7. If you can avoid traveling during the eclipse totality, please do so.

8. Do not wear your eclipse glasses while driving whether that's in a vehicle on the road or on a boat.

9. Have your vehicle checked and make sure it's road ready before you travel for the eclipse.

10. Bring emergency food, snacks and supplies with you in your vehicle in the event of an emergency.

The state of Missouri is advising that many get extra food and water prior to the eclipse day as many travelers may deplete what's available in stores, too. April 8, 2024 will be a historic day for Missouri and all states in the path of the eclipse. Here's hoping it's a safe one also.

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