My wife asked me which weekend in March that the time changed and it brought to mind a discussion that is raging in Missouri. Will Missouri continue to 'spring forward' every March? It's a complicated question that has no easy answer.

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According to Time and Date, the Spring time change is set for early Sunday morning, March 10 at 2am Central Time. In Missouri, there is a movement to stop changing time in the Spring and Fall. Should Missouri make daylight saving time permanent?

As recent as just two weeks ago, KFVS reported that the Missouri legislature is once again trying to make the case that Daylight Saving Time should become a permanent thing in the Show Me State.

Britannica Pro/Con lists the benefits and detriments of Daylight Saving Time. Making it permanent they say would improve safety with more daylight hours for daytime travel. It also makes the argument that Daylight Saving Time in Missouri encourages a healthier more active lifestyle and that it's good for the economy.

The negative aspects involve the unhealthy routine of having to change sleep patterns twice per year and that it's expensive and "hurts the economy".

Will Missouri "spring forward" on March 10, 2024? Yes, for now. Will it continue to observe the time changes twice per year? Based on the recent movements in the Missouri state legislature, that's highly doubtful.

Time will tell. Pun intended.

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