There are a lot of great biking adventures in America, but I'd argue the best one is a 237 mile route that nearly crosses the entire state of Missouri.

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If you've never ridden (or maybe even heard about) the Katy Trail, you should consider making this a bucket list adventure if you have the ability. The trailhead begins near Clinton, Missouri and continues all the way across the state to the St. Charles area.

What makes the Katy Trail so highly recommended?

The Katy Trail, bult along the Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad follows the Missouri River and is very accessible due to its lack of elevation changes plus it goes past scenic bluffs and peaceful farmland many times lined with tress on both sides.

As Adventure Cycling mentions, the Katy Trail is America's longest rail trail. Their reasons for recommending are the fact that its "Car-free, virtually flat, and featuring a crushed-limestone surface, the trail dishes up plenty of towns and attractions". They're not wrong.

It's also full of interesting places to rest including the strange Boathenge located near the Katy Trail in Columbia, Missouri. There's a reason why it's considered "the crown jewel of North American rail-trail conversions" as Adventure Cycling says.

You can check out the official Missouri website for the Katy Trail for more information on why this just might be the best bucket list bike adventure in America.

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