The first wager between Super Bowl Cities has been made and the Kansas City Zoo is taking the lead.

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This Sunday Kansas City will take on Philadelphia in the Super Bowl and we can expect wagers by both cities to be announced. The Kansas City Zoo has started with a little wager on its Facebook Page. the Zoo proposes the losing team’s zoo will have to wear the winning team’s gear on their iconic front entrance statue and make a meaningful donation.

We don't know if the Philadelphia Zoo has accepted the challenge, but I think they will if they believe that their team will win. This is the first bet I've seen between the cities so far, but there are some fun prop bets you might want to look at. Yes, you can actually make a bet on these:

  • Who's going to win the coin toss?
  • How long will the National Anthem be?
  • Which commercial will play first - Doritos or M&Ms?
  • What will be the first Song Rihanna sings?
  • What color will the Gatorade Shower be?

I will have to keep an eye on what other "bets" or "wagers" will happen this week, but it's on with the zoos let's see who else gets in on the wager train.

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