Loverboy will release Live in ‘82, a new concert film and live album on June 7.

Taken from the personal archives of guitarist Paul Dean, the footage, which was originally shot on 16mm film, has been fully restored and remixed. The Canadian rockers reminisced about the concert as they revealed plans for the upcoming release, calling it “one of our most incredible live shows.”

You can watch a version of their Top 40 hit “Turn Me Loose” below, taken from the film.

At the time that Live in ‘82 was recorded, Loverboy were touring in support of Get Lucky, their second album, which had been released the previous year. The infectious single “Working for the Weekend” was the first offering from the record and became their second Top 40 hit. Get Lucky eventually sold more than four million copies, doubling the sales of their debut album.

But as Dean later told UCR, it was a long, slow climb -- one he almost bailed out on before it ever started. “I was in 13 bands before I met [vocalist] Mike [Reno], with countless singers and every band had a singer in it," he said at the time. "Most of them had a manager and I was so fed up with all of the BS, I went, ‘This time, I’m going to do it my way or no way at all.’ I’m not even going to bother -- if I can’t do this the way I think it should be done, screw it.”

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Thankfully, Dean eventually struck a successful chord with Loverboy -- and the band’s story of success is ongoing. They’ll be back out on the road this summer sharing the stage with Sammy Hagar.

Live in ‘82 will be available on multiple formats including CD/Blu-ray, and Vinyl/DVD combos, plus streaming and digital download.

Watch Loverboy Perform 'Turn Me Loose'

Loverboy, ‘Live in ‘82’ Track List

1. "Intro"
2. "Jump"
3. "Lucky Ones"
4. "Lady of the '80s"
5. "Take Me to the Top"
6. "It's Your Life"
7. "Gangs in the Street"
8. "Turn Me Loose"
9. "The Kid is Hot Tonite"
10. "When It's Over"
11. "Working for the Weekend"

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