A man takes a giant magnet and fishes for metal objects in a river in the Land of Lincoln and what he pulls out in just a matter of minutes is crazy, who is throwing all this stuff into this river?

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This video was uploaded to YouTube earlier this year by a YouTube channel Called DadMan Does, it is just 7 minutes long but it will shock you in those 7 minutes what this man finds in the Sangamon River in Illinois. The first thing he pulls out of the river in the first minute of the video is a MACHETE! I mean who is tossing Machetes into a river? They had to be trying to get rid of evidence or something right? I have so many questions, but the video goes on to show him pulling out some large pieces of metal, and even weight from a weight set, which also makes you wonder if something was tied to that weight when it was first thrown in the river.

Needless to say, I am officially hooked on Magnet Fishing, not only do I now want to watch hours and hours of people magnet fishing for items, I want to buy one of these massive industrial magnets and start doing this as a hobby myself, it is like metal detecting on steroids! Honestly, the thing that is overall upsetting about this video is how much trash people are just chucking trash off the bridge into the river below, and this is just the metal garbage they are throwing, think about all the non-metal stuff that is probably down there.

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