It has been an interesting week for news about restaurants in America. For instance, word from Starbucks Corporate offices is that Starbucks is now offering it's baristas free college tuition at the University of Arizona. It should be interesting to see how many take advantage of the offer.

In Las Vegas, a local man shot himself while in line at a casino buffet. According to police reports, he was told that he had lost his free buffet for life privileges and then totally "lost it." I am sure people were happy to sit down and enjoy their meal after that incident.

The "Boat House," Disney World's newest restaurant, is now serving a $115 steak. Not an $11.50 steak, but a $115 steak. If you think about the cost of a ticket for Disney World these days, this just might be a considered a bargain meal.

Last but not least, a restaurant in Buffalo, New York is offering a 10% discount to people who don't use smartphones during their meals. What's 10%, go ahead and check out our website while your food gets cold. This bit of restaurant information is certainly worth that ... right?

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