Illinois has more Starbucks locations than almost every other state in the country, the number of locations is incredible, Illinois has FIVE times as many Starbucks as Iowa, here are the official numbers.

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According to the website, there are 621 Starbucks coffee locations in the state of Illinois and that is the 6th most of any state in the country. The only states with more Starbucks locations than Illinois are California number one with 2,959, followed by Texas with 1,215, Florida with 786, Seattle with 739, and New York with 643. On the website they say...

"The Seattle-based coffee chain is a huge hit in America’s biggest cities, with over 200 stores in NYC and 184 shops in Chicago — the latter of which (Chicago) also boasts the nation’s largest Starbucks store, which is complete with five floors, three coffee bars, and a cocktail lounge."

To see the full list of Starbucks per state on the website just click here!

Illinois really loves its Starbucks, what is crazy to me is that Illinois sticks out so much from the rest of the midwest, Illinois has basically the same amount of Starbucks locations as Wisconsin, Indiana, and Missouri COMBINED! The population of Illinois is 12.6 million, but the population of Wisconsin, Indiana, and Missouri combined is 18.6 million (roughly). So the numbers just show that the people of Illinois really must love their Starbucks, and I can attest to that because even though I don't drink coffee, I have seen the line of cars waiting around the block at the Starbucks on Broadway in Quincy, IL and it is crazy long during the rush hour morning traffic!

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