I've never seen this Illinois city in such a notorious list, but there are numbers that seem to prove not only that it's a top 7 most violent city in the United States, but even worse than Chicago.

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It's not exactly news that St. Louis was just named #1 as the most violent city in America, but according to News Hub 360, there's a new entry into that criminal ranking.

If you look at the top 20 most violent cities in the United States on the News Hub 360 list, you'll find Chicago there at #20. But, keep scrolling and you'll see another Illinois city.

So what Illinois city ranks worse than Chicago for violent crime?

Answer - Rockford

They said that "Rockford experienced a total of 2,331 violent crimes in 2017, including 1,874 cases of serious assault, 255 cases of robbery, 24 occurrences of homicide, and 102 cases of rape".

According to those numbers, that makes Rockford's violent crime more than double the national average.

Another surprising stat shared in this study is Chicago's murder rate in 2022 was actually down slightly. Go figure. Even one life taken is too many, but it's definitely unexpected that the Windy City rate would decrease at all.

Of note, Springfield, Missouri comes in at #11 for the 2023 most violent cities list which also is sadly not shocking. St. Louis at #1 is also almost a given barring some incredible turn around in the big city.

You can find the rest of this dastardly most violent cities in America in the full News Hub 360 study. Be safe out there.

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