It rarely ends well when you decide to become a thief even if you're a Star Wars fan. That decision now has an Illinois man headed to prison thanks to his love of Star Wars and pajamas.

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As I reported earlier this year, Billy E. Harris, 48, was a treasurer for the Perry County Agricultural Society. Billy was accused of spending $100,000 on a number of items including Star Wars pajamas over a 6 year period from 2012 through 2018. Not making this up.

How did the Star Wars heist turn out?

AOL now reporting that Billy E. Harris, 48, is heading to prison and I don't mean prison on the Death Star. They report he's being ordered to also pay $148,908 in restitution. Ouch. That's hard to do on a Wookiee's salary.

If you think I'm making the Star Wars part of this up, AOL reports that "Harris admitted to spending the Agricultural Society’s funds on such items as personalized Darth Vader and Yoda pet tags, Star Wars men sleeping pants". For what it's worth, Walmart is currently sold out of those Darth Vader pants, so I understand his desperation.

What's the punishment for the Star Wars PJ crimes?

According to AOL, he'll serve "21 months in a federal prison". There are separate mail fraud crimes that he has yet to be sentenced for.

What's the moral of this story from a land not so far, far away?

Thou shalt not steal from societies you are responsible for or you will learn about life behind bars.

The Force was not strong with this one.

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