If you are a regular purchaser of gasoline and/or cigarettes at an Illinois convenience store some things changed overnight that you need to be aware of.

First of all, that gallon of gasoline you purchased yesterday cost 19-cents more today as the new Illinois gas tax went into effect at midnight last night. Tax on a gallon of gas is now 38-cents effective today. It was 19-cents yesterday so it doubled overnight. Keep in mind the new law also allows the state to add nearly an additional penny a gallon each year. So with being an Illinois gas tax, will West Quincy, Missouri's gas stations follow suit?

Now if that isn't enough to drive you to begin smoking, here's another change that has been made in Illinois. For those of you age 19 or 20 who purchased your cigarettes yesterday in Illinois, you will not be able to do so anymore in Illinois until you turn 21 effective today as well. Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker signed the Tobacco 21 law earlier this year making Illinois the 7th state in the country to do so.  I assume the smoke shops in West Quincy will see some increased activity as well.

I see Missouri bound traffic backing up on the Bayview Bridge already!

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