It's Monday, May 4, 2020, otherwise known as "emancipation day" in Missouri as the Show-Me state re-opens for business after a lengthy shutdown due to COVID-19. If Johnny Carson's "Carnac the Magnificent" were alive, he'd say "I foresee the Bayview Bridge getting heavy traffic on it in the weeks ahead".

Store and restaurants owners have been cleared to open their businesses in Missouri with some protective measures taken. People are now free to shop in step one of a return to normalcy.

Meanwhile, Illinois is still under a lock down with some exceptions. For you Illinoisans, before you get a group up and head across the Bayview or Mark Twain Bridges for a long-awaited restaurant excursion, you might plan on a wait.

Keep in mind, those restaurant owners are under new guidelines on table separations which will lower seating capacity in some cases.  That coupled with Missourians wanting to return to their favorite eating establishments just might cause a delay in seating.

With a potential for restaurant logjams, perhaps Missouri Governor Mike Parson should mandate that only Missourians can eat in Missouri restaurants for the first week of the re-opening process.  I am only kidding.  I'm not kidding about the increased bridge traffic.

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