Some dogs hate to swim (like mine), but there are others that enjoy jumping into the pool every day. One Jack Russell dog in Illinois is so tiny he's found a new way of getting out of his owner's pool.

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This baby girl Jack Russell is living her best life and it's all thanks to her owner's pool. The video on TikTok has been seen by millions of people and it just shows a dog and her pool, but the way she gets out of the pool is what has been making this video go viral. She uses the skimmer of the pool to wedge her tiny body onto the frame of the pool and walks around to the deck to dry herself off. It's adorable.

Over and over again you can see the dog just jumping into the pool and getting out through the skimmer and just enjoying every second of it.

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I am really interested in seeing what my dogs do this summer. Max HATES the pool, but enjoys relaxing on a float and Luna is new to pools this year I have a funny feeling she's gonna love it.

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