It is Election Day 2016 and I would like for you to take just a moment to flash forward to the year 2026. Ten years from now. It’s Election Day 2026.

Funny, there’s only one person on the ballot for every race going and that person already works for the government. You are told to vote for that person or risk going to jail.

So you vote and then you head to your job. It’s not the job you wanted to be working at but the government says you have to work there, like it or not. Oh, it brings in some bucks but not enough to support a family which you would like to have.  Oh, by the way the government says you can only have 2 children max.

What is all this leading to? It is leading to the government taking control of your life. Do you want that? I think not. How do you keep this from happening?  You Vote.

You don’t sit home and whine that my vote doesn’t count so I am not voting. You do that, and someone else decides things for you with their vote. Are you seeing where this leads? I hope so.

The polls are open until 7 tonight in Missouri & Illinois.  Don’t let someone else decide who our next President might be or who our next Adams County States Attorney might be or who will be our delegates representing you at the upcoming conventions might be.

It may sound old-fashioned but it still fits. Exercise your right as an American citizen and make your voice heard. Please go vote today!

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