Election Day

I Prefer to Wait Until Election Day to Vote
So today is Election Day in Quincy with the Mayor’s office up for grabs along with several Park Board spots as well. I find it interesting that more and more people each year are taking the option of voting early rather than waiting until Election Day. I, for one, have never voted ea…
Know the Law Before Snapping a Voting Selfie
Justin Timberlake recently Instagrammed a selfie of himself returning to his home state of Tennessee for early voting. That's cool! Popstars gotta do their patriotic duty, too! But now he may come under investigation by the State's Attorney General's office for violating state laws ab…
Election Day 2012
Well, it's finally here...Election Day 2012. Everything that could be said has been said and said hundreds if not thousands of times. If you are still undecided after all this time you have lived without radio, TV or newspapers for quite some time.