Last Tuesday we all went to the polls to make our personal vote count. Well, not all of us, but the turnout was impressive for a mid-term election.  Forty-nine percent of Americans actually voted and 51% of registered voters in Adams County did as well. You notice I said registered voters. So when we registered we had to show some form of identification so our name would be placed in the registered voter listing along with our address as well.

So when I went to my polling place Tuesday, I waited my turn in line.  When it came to my time to verify my existence as a registered voter all I was asked to provide was my current address which I provided. I was never asked for my ID at all. I did have to sign a form to proceed to get my ballot. But that was it.

The wonderful people working the polling place where I voted saw my verbalized address next to my name and following my signature waved me onto my precinct table and then it was on to completing my ballot. So without providing any identification I became a voter just like that.

Can someone please explain to me what seems to be the problem with making people prove who they are before voting?  I have no problem with it. Actually, I welcome it.  The last thing I want is someone giving my name and address and then being presented my ballot. But with this system I can see it happening if someone wanted to do so.

When I presented this scenario to others in the past few days, no one told me they would object to showing an ID before voting. Prove who you are and vote. No proof  then no vote!  That’s the way I see it.

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