There's no official word, but new video shared by a hunter shows what might be a buck that might break a more than 20 year Missouri state archery record.

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I saw this share by Outdoor Life of Josh Heuser who's a host on Respect the Game TV. His video share on Instagram shows a stunning deer that might just be a modern-day mammoth buck.

As Outdoor Life mentions, the Missouri state bowhunting record was achieved back in 2000 in Pike County by Randy Simonitch. His takedown was a 269 7/8-inch nontypical whitetail. You can look at pictures shared on Facebook for yourself and see if you think this monster is a record-setter and/or just a fun story to tell.

If you're a hunter, you likely know the Missouri Monarch is the world record buck found in Missouri in 1981. It's possible this buck taken down by Josh Heuser will join the ranks of the Monarch as one of if not the biggest bucks ever scored in the state of Missouri.

Outdoor Life said they're attempting to get an interview with Josh to get more details on this mammoth buck. Perhaps there will be news from the state of Missouri's Department of Conservation forthcoming as well. Now, we wait.

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