Bruce Springsteen just shared a wild story about how he began a lifelong friendship with a Missouri family and it all started with a movie and eggs. It began thanks to a chance encounter decades ago in St. Louis after a concert.

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Bruce Springsteen made a recent appearance on The Graham Norton Show. Back in the 1980's, he was in St. Louis and it was an off-night on the tour he was doing. He decided to go to a movie and that's when the fun started.

Bruce Springsteen - "I was at a cinema by myself in an off-night from the tour in St. Louis watching Woody Allen's Stardust Memories during which Woody Allen is not necessarily so kind to his fans in the film. I had met a kid in the lobby with his girlfriend who said "Do you wanna sit with us?" I said...OK".

After the movie was over, the kid asked Bruce "Is that how you feel about your fans?" like Woody Allen did in the movie. Of course not was Bruce's answer so the kid invited him to come home and meet his mother. Remarkably Bruce agreed.

Once they arrived at the kid's home, his mother didn't understand who Bruce was so the kid ran and grabbed one of his albums and his mom nearly fainted. Not knowing what to say, she offered to fix him eggs which he agreed to.

It was this chance encounter with a fan at a movie theater and an egg meal afterwards that led to Bruce becoming friends with them and recalls seeing them numerous times for decades since every time his tour stops in St. Louis.

Moral of the story? If you see Bruce Springsteen in St. Louis at a movie, make sure you have plenty of eggs in the fridge to fix him afterwards.

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