I was reading a Time Magazine when I came across in bold print the following....$81.29. It caught my eye and I read on to find out that for $81.29 one can buy a 200 rocket fireworks package that will explode and form the shape of the buyers face. It would also be visible from up to 20 miles.

I got to thinking about our resident pyrotechnics men, the Ebbings..Rob and Dan, who entertain us yearly at many fireworks displays. Imagine the Ebbings firing off a blast of rockets and when they explode, your face shows up in the summer's nighttime sky. Well, apparently that technology has arrived.

With the cost of fireworks going through the roof, or should I say sky, this just might be a way to offset those expenses. Think of the possibilities. For a fee ($81.29), you could propose to your girl after her face graces the sky above. This opens up all kinds of "theme" fireworks nights in the future.

Businesses would also benefit from this technology. Smack dab in the middle of the fireworks show, here comes a "Y101" burst of rockets featuring the faces of D.O. and the Big Dog illuminating the sky above for all to see. Oh, on second thought we want people to enjoy the night and not ruin it with our mugs mixed in with the stars above.

It is interesting though. Who knows what we might see at our next fireworks display. Keep you eyes to the sky, you wouldn't want to miss your own face or perhaps a "sky" proposal now would you?

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