Schools out for the summer, but which high school in our area has the coolest mascot? Let us debate!

Let me start this by saying I (Mark Hespen) have ZERO skin in this game, I went to Crystal Lake South High School in Crystal Lake, IL, we were the Gators, if anyone were to tell me the Gators isn't a cool mascot, I'd debate for hours about how wrong they were. This list is purely for fun, and all comes from my dumb brain, I just think that it's a fun debate, and there are some really cool mascots here in the Tri-States! So lets begin...

#5 Unity High School MUSTANGS

Photo by Alice Donovan Rouse on Unsplash

Honestly I just think this one deserves a spot for two reasons, first reason is that its a more rare nickname, and second reason is that if I went there for high school I'd have to buy a Ford Mustang and that would be cool.

#4 Brown County HORNETS

Photo by Max Muselmann on Unsplash

Objectively a hornet is scary, they aren't cute and fun like a bumble bee, they are killing machines. ALSO...if I went to high school there I could buy a ton of retro Charlotte Hornets merchandise, and that would "Bee" sick.

#3 Liberty EAGLES

Photo by Alexas_Fotos on Unsplash

Honestly this should be higher on the list, but the top two are elite. Eagles are awesome, I'd be so pumped to rock bald eagle merchandise all of high school, AMERICA!!!!

#2 Palmyra High School PANTHERS 

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

Ok.... I know what you're saying..."Mark what about the other two schools that have Panthers as a mascot?!?" Yes it is true Central High, and Monroe City are also Panthers BUT... Palmyra Panthers due to alliteration sounds wayyyy cooler.

#1 Hannibal High School PIRATES 

Photo by Sergey Semin on Unsplash

I would literally dress like this everyday if I went to Hannibal High School. Love the Pirates name, logo, merchandise, costuming, unique, ties to water and Hannibal being a river town, its a homerun no brainer coolest mascot in the Tri-States!


Honorable mention: Macomb Bombers, logo is sweet and very unique.

What is your favorite high school mascot in the Tri-States?

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