If you're looking for a healthier way to live, check out the Healthy Way Walking Trail on the Hannibal Regional Hospital campus.
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The sidewalk path has a one-mile loop or a 1.65-mile loop. Jog the longest loop twice and you've roughly accomplished a 5k. Click here and you can see how the path winds around the campus with easy access and parking along the way.

I've been taking my walks on the trail lately. The path is so smooth and mostly level, with just a few gentle inclines. It's perfect for a mom pushing a stroller. I often see older people taking walks there because the smooth surface makes for secure footing. Employees of the various medical buildings on campus walk the path on their lunch break. I've also talked to people who are visiting loved ones at the hospital and just need a break for fresh air and to clear their thoughts.

The Hannibal Regional Hospital Foundation raised $200,000 to construct the Healthy Way Trail that opened to the public in 2014. The group has raised another $100,000 to expand the trail west of the hospital.

According to Wendy Harrington, CEO/President of Hannibal Regional Foundation,

"Our nation continues to fight obesity and many chronic diseases, all which can be reduced or eliminated through exercise and proper nutrition.  The fitness trail is accessible to the community and offers a safe and secure location to exercise."

The trail is marked on the 1/10th miles, has rest areas and landscaping and is open year-round.

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