I had no idea this was an option. Did you know you can get gift cards for your gadgets no matter what their condition is? It's true and I found the list that will show you how to make it happen in Missouri.

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I saw this interesting article on The Cool Down. It's about a program that's being offered by Walmart. It's called "Gadgets to Gift Cards". The official Walmart site says (and I quote) the program "accepts devices from a wide variety of popular consumer electronic devices, including cell phones, tablets, MP3 players, video games, cameras, laptops, and GPS units, to name just a few".

But what if you're item is in terrible shape? Doesn't matter according to the fine print that says "As long as your electronic item appears on our "Model Name" list, we will accept it, irrespective of it's condition or function." It is important to accurately describe the condition though before you submit the item for a gift card.

Since I try to be a helpful person, here's the specific pages you can check to see if your model of device is accepted. The model page covers a large number of things.

Cell phones


Video Game Consoles

Voice Speakers

MP3 Players



One interesting aspect of this program is that the Walmart FAQ page says that they pay for the shipping. Nice.

I want to be clear that I have no experience using this program so I'm not endorsing it, but I do think it's an interesting option since so many of us have gadgets we don't use anymore that could easily be turned into a gift card. Just make sure you read the Walmart exchange page for yourself for more specifics and details.

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