The Friends of the Log Cabins has scheduled a workday for 8 a.m. to 12 noon for this Saturday, June 13th in the Log Cabin Village on Quinsippi Island and they can use some help.According to John Gebhardt, the President the Friends of the Log Cabins Association, they are in need of several volunteers to help move building materials and logs from the former Sky Ride building to the Log Cabin Village for use in re-building the 1828 Fraser Log Cabin.

If you are available and can help move building materials or have a group that wants to help, contact John Gebhardt, President Friends of the Log Cabins via the email:  The Friends are also looking for someone with a car carrier and truck to help haul the logs and building materials, stored in the Sky Ride Building located on the back side of Quinsippi Island, to the village.

A special contractor experienced in rebuilding log cabins (he was crew chief for the re-build of the Clat Adams cabin) will be in Quincy with his crew of 3.  They are arriving June 18th and will start the re-building on June 19th.  The plan is to be here for up to 9 days to re-build the 1828 Fraser Log Cabin.

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