How would you respond if Dave Grohl invited you onstage to play a Foo Fighters song? If you're a Kansas City girl, you grab his guitar and absolutely destroy "Monkey Wrench".

I saw this Foo Fighters/fan moment trending on Digg this morning. It's from the Foo Fighter's show in Kansas City just a few days ago. The fan's name is Lauren and she isn't bashful at all about taking over the chord responsibilities from Dave. NOTE: Dave Grohl speaks which means you're gonna hear the typical NSFW Dave words. Not complaining, just making you aware that this is one your boss may not want played real loud in the office.

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According to, "Monkey Wrench" was the next-to-last song performed in Kansas City that night.

This isn't the first time Dave Grohl has shown a Kansas City fan love. It was a few years ago that he brought up a 10-year-old to play "Enter Sandman" with the band.

Never underestimate Dave Grohl's ability to make the audience the star of a Foo Fighter's show. That's one of the many reasons we (and many others) love the guy.

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