It's sounds weird to say this, but I found something that makes me wish I were an otter. It's a new video share by an Illinois zoo showing a bunch of these little guys who are just the picture of joy when they realize they have a brand new watery habitat to play in.

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This video is one of the reasons why I believe the Brookfield Zoo in Illinois is a must-follow on Facebook. According to their status on Facebook, this is Otto, Otis, Wishes, Hermione, Sachiko and Olivia. Otters in their element for sure.

According to the official Brookfield Zoo website, these fun little guys/gals are Asian small-clawed otters. It says these "small" otters can actually end up weighing up to 11 pounds. I would not want to anger an 11 pound otter for sure.

If you don't already, make sure you like and follow Brookfield Zoo on Facebook. They always seem to be sharing fun animal moments like this one.

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