It appears there are still some among us that consider themselves modern day Tom Sawyers and Huck Finns. Explorers found unmapped caves in southwestern Missouri with dead snake skeletons inside.

DISCLAIMER: Exploring unknown caves like this is EXTREMELY dangerous. Unless you're a professional spelunker, don't attempt this yourself. Even if you are a pro, might want to think twice about this. Also note that exploring a wild cave requires a permit. You just don't walk into a natural environment like this without permission and guidance.

Here's a little bit about how they described this find and exploration:

First video ever shot in this newly opened, un-mapped, underground honeycomb, in SW Missouri. No easy cave to negotiate! Cameras do not like the muddy, wet, humid environment underground, and holding steady can be rather difficult, while climbing and belly crawling

It doesn't take long before they start encountering the remains of snakes.

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They warn that if you're claustrophobic, you won't enjoy this. They're correct. Just look at how narrow these cave cavities are.

creekdalton via YouTube
creekdalton via YouTube

If you're still thinking this is an adventure you're up for, Terrain has a great guide to the nearly 7,000 Missouri caves. They have more information on groups and permits you need. You can't do something like this alone.

However, done safely and correctly in a group with the right permits, there's nothing quite like Missouri caving. Just hope that if you enter a cave like this with snakes, there just skeletons like these guys found and not live ones.

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