You’ve probably seen the entryway to Kelly’s many a time (maybe more so this time of year) and and thought nothing of it. A jovial nine-foot leprechaun welcoming you with an end-of-the-rainbow-treasure of Guinness, Kelly’s cheese soup, and cinnamon rolls the size of carry-on luggage? What’s not to like, right?

But did you ever notice the sign?


Look closer.


THERE it is!

“Welcome To To Kelly’s”.

A simple oversight on the part of the artist? Yeah, maybe. But I’m pinning this one on that leprechaun and his mischievous ways! I’M ONTO YOU, LEPRECHAUN!

Fun Fact: The reason your brain reads right over the extra “to” is due to what psychologists call “top down processing”--an instance in which your brain relies on what it already knows, removes the extra word, and makes sense of the sentence. In contrast, reading the sign by each word individually without trying to “make sense” of it, or compare it to what you already know, is known as “bottom up processing”.

Now bring bring me another another cinnamon roll!

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