Just one week after Sarah and I "lost" it on the air over an innocent comment, it happened again.  This time it occurred during the birthday reading segment on the Y101 Radio Morning Show. We were talking about the 91st birthday of Ed Ames, who played "Mingo" of the 1960's TV show Daniel Boone.  Ames was a guest on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson years ago and was asked on the show to toss a tomahawk hatchet at a wooden cowboy made out of plywood. What happened next was a TV classic.

Sarah had never heard of this incident, so I was filling her in when I made a very innocent comment which led us into another uncontrollable laughing moment live on the air. If you missed it here it is.

This incident proves that one never knows what's going to happen next on the Y101 Radio Morning Show with The Big Dog & Sarah.

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