Boy, how things have changed in Colorado since they legalized the use of marijuana. The sales at the locations where it is being sold are going through the roof.  

The manufacturing plants can't keep up with the orders. Airports in Colorado now have pot dispensing containers to keep people from arriving from Colorado in other states from being arrested for possession in those states (except for the State of Washington, the only other state where pot is legal).

And now comes word that the legalization of marijuana is having an effect on animal hospitals as well. The VCA Alameda East Veterinary Hospital in Denver is reporting that since pot was legalized, there has been a spike in treating dogs that ate marijuana.

The hospital usually treats hundreds of dogs a week, but now the hospital regularly has to deal with dogs that have gotten into their owners’ stashes of pot food. According to a spokesperson at the animal hospital, dogs being exposed to marijuana can cause symptoms like disorientation, seizures and temporary comas. In some cases, the symptoms lingered for days.

The Rocky Mountain high has affected both humans and canines too.

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