Yesterday afternoon I passed by our News Director, Harold Smith, and noticed that on his desk was a bottle of Vess brand root beer. Vess, for those that don't know, is a generic line of soda that can be found in many convenience stores in our area. Their root beer happens to be fantastic.


A short conversation about Harold's root beer led a few of us in the office to discuss the products that we actually prefer to buy off-brand. A few came to mind, for me, including:


Walmart's in-house peanut butter cups.

There's something about the chocolate on these that sets them apart from the name-brand peanut butter cups.


Staples' OptiFlow pens.

My absolute favorite pen; they write so smoothly. I almost had a panic attack, once, when I thought they had been discontinued.


K-Mart's Smart Sense Razor

I switched to the K-Mart brand razor several months ago, and haven't really noticed a difference in shave quality, but I have noticed a lower price on the replacement cartridges.



What about you? Are there any generic products that you would rather have than their name-brand counterparts? Any tips you can pass along to the rest of us?

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