They faced a family dilemma. They wanted a pool, but could not afford the dollars to make it happen. That's when this hero dad decided to take matters into his own genius hands.

Here's the backstory of how this man overcame all odds to put smiles on his family's faces:

My husband decided that he wanted to build a pool. We could not afford to buy one. I looked all over the internet for a reasonably priced pool but they were all several hundred dollars. Caleb was convinced that he could build one just out of scraps he found around the jobsite" said Kayla. Kayla admits to being weary at first, but "he was so determined, so I was like 'whatever, go ahead!' said Kayla.

Imagine their surprise when he actually did it. The entire process was captured on video.

His wife added the how-to details of how he made this pool a reality:

It's pallets braced together. He coated the interior with foam so no splinters would puncture the plastic. Then he laid a white thick waterproof plastic in it. Over that he added a blue tarp, for more of a pool feel. He installed bracing and hurricane strapping around the corners and sides. Then he installed the pump and filter and then added the vinyl around the outside and painted it to give it that final finished look

She said that the total cost of materials was a mere $40 and the total was only $140. Brilliant.

Well played handy dad. You're now a hero for the rest of the summer.

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