Years ago I had the opportunity to meet Regis Philbin and Kathy Lee Gifford when they were doing their show in Chicago.  Kathy Lee left the show several years ago and was replaced by Kelly Ripa and Regis left the show some 9 months ago.

Since then some 59 co-hosts have joined Ripa on the set for the "Live" show. Of the 59 one has been selected to replace Regis and that person is Michael Strahan, the former New York Giant football player.  It got me to thinking, if Strahan didn't get the job what local person would be a good fit?

I have some suggestions in case they change their mind on Strahan who is set to begin his permanent position on September 4th. How about Kelly and Jim Mentesti?  Mentesti just announced his retirement today as the GREDF Director and is available.

Or Kelly and  Rodney Hart?  Rodney just left the Quincy Herald Whig and has musical talent and would fit right in.

Then there is the duo of Kelly and Dan Sherman.  Sherman is supposedly retired but seems to be working more than ever.

I can't help thinking that Kelly would be a good partner for Ray Heilmann.  At least they can look straight ahead at each other eye to eye. Strahan is 6'5" (neck strain for Kelly) who is about 5' tall at best.

Another possibility is former Blue Devil Basketball Coach Loren Wallace who would be perfect for Kelly who would do all the talking and Loren could listen, something his wife says he doesn't do very well (maybe not such a good idea).

I guess when I think about it, perhaps I should be the the co-host.  I can see it already.  "Kelly and the Big Dog Show". Do you know of any other people who would be a good fit?


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