Gambling!!! Anytime this issue comes up there is always a great deal of discussion. Tonight, the Quincy City Council will be a hot bed of conversation as the City Council takes up the issue of allowing Video Poker games in the city. From all indications there seems to be enough votes to get it passed, but not without a fight from the anti-gambling establishment.

Seven people will be speaking tonight on the issue at the council meeting which starts at 7:30pm.  The Illinois Gaming Board approved the installation of Video Gambling machines in April and the machines could be operational by August if the council approves it.

One reason the city is interested in allowing it is for the revenue it will bring into the city. The brake down, according to Sunday's Quincy Herald Whig, shows the City of Quincy would get 5% of the winnings.

Opponents say the fallout from this kind of gambling would cost the city far more than it would make in addition social serves work needed as a result of gambling.

Which side is going to win out? We should know tonight after 7:30pm.

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