It wasn't a crime like what happened in Aurora, Colorado but it did affect multiple families and has caused concern for hundreds of other families in the area. Sometime Friday night or Saturday morning, multiple vehicles were burglarized and damaged while parked at the Amtrak Station in Quincy.

According to the Quincy Police Department, 17 vehicles were entered, 15 of those had windows smashed out.  There were also 5 vehicles entered in the same manner at Selby Implement Company, a few blocks away from the Amtrak Station.

For the people who got off the train and found their vehicles minus windows and their belonging missing it had to be quite an anxious moment. For those arriving at the station to board the train the next morning, I am sure they felt uneasy about leaving their cars in the lot and heading out of town.

This kind of crime needs an arrest and needs it soon. Someone out there knows something. Please utilize the confidential Crime Stoppers Hot Line of 228-4474 or go to and leave any information you may have regarding this crime. You might be eligible for a reward for the information you provide. Someone has items on them they didn't have last week.  Make that call today!

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