I came upon this place in Chicago by accident. It's one of the most unusual museums you'll ever witness as it documents some of the most diabolical ways that human beings have tortured others throughout history especially during medieval times.

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When I first saw mention of a torture place in Chicago, I thought it was referring to the series of toll booths on the Loop in the Windy City back in the day. It turns out this is something else entirely although it is ironically just off the Loop. It's a true Medieval Torture Museum as the Chicago Loop Alliance documents. They describe it as a place that "reminds us just how much suffering humanity can inflict in the name of cause and justice when the right tools are placed in the hands of fanatics, madmen and tyrant". Indeed.

WARNING: there some very intense displays in this place even though none of the people are real. The devices very much are.

It's 6,000 square feet of insanity and displays of pain inflicted over the ages.

Sound like a fun trip? The Medieval Torture Museum is open at 177 North State Street in Chicago every day from 10a until 10p according to the Loop Alliance website. Road trip and check it out...if you dare.

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