It wasn't that long ago that a father and son in the backwoods of Missouri encountered something large. The question which is still being debated is whether they captured video of a mountain lion or a bobcat? Now, you can watch their video and decide.

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This happened some time ago I believe in southern Missouri based on the comments on the YouTube share. Before I share my opinion, watch and see if you think this is a mountain lion or a bobcat.

Here are some of the comments on YouTube which to this day can't seem to agree:

Kitty Kitty Meow Meow - Looks to be over 250+ pound male. Nice catch! 👍

Greg M - Looked more like a bobcat. Lions have a long tail, usually with black tip.

Joel Alexander - I thought it was a bobcat, too, at first. After looking closely, it is a mountain lion. The lengthy tail was not very much featured in the footage, but the cat had one.

B P - Yeah it's definitely not a bobcat. That is the shape of a mountain lion.

I am in agreement with the mountain lion crowd. I've seen a few bobcats and none were that big. Those that mentioned the tail size are right, too. The problem is the video doesn't show the tail clearly, but with that long gait, that's a mountain lion. The father and son that captured this video are fortunate it did not turn its attention to them.

The Missouri Department of Conservation continues to update it's mountain lion sighting map and there have already been 4 in 2023 so far as of this writing.

Missouri Department of Conservation
Missouri Department of Conservation

Was this really a mountain lion? I'd bet my bottom dollar on it. With the increasing population in Missouri, it's best to be prepared for encountering a big cat like this. For many frequently in the backwoods, it will happen sooner or later.

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