If you're a bird, there's no more fierce name you can be given than "Devil Bird". The rare bird with this evil nickname is almost never seen as far north as Missouri, but there are indications it has now and it's a lethal fisherman.

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Prospect Park mentions that this bird has become known in South America as a "Devil Bird". The real name of this interesting waterfowl species is Anhinga. All About Birds describes its long neck and "a daggerlike bill".

Out of curiosity, I was checking the Audubon Society map which allows you to track the Anhinga and it shows that these epic fisherman have now made their way as far north as Missouri.

Infographic, Audubon Society
Infographic, Audubon Society

The Anhinga is one of the more versatile waterfowl you'll ever see (if you see it) as it's an adept swimmer and can actually move underwater like it's the bird version of a submarine.

Is it just me or does it also look like a tiny Loch Ness Monster when it's skimming the water surface with that long neck? Asking for a friend.

It's possible that the "Devil Bird" (aka Anhinga) could be seen more frequently in Missouri if the Audubon Society theory is right that climate change is causing these birds to venture further north. They were recently reported this past week as far north as New York state.

Keep your eyes open when you're near water places. If you see a submarining long-necked bird with a dagger-like bill, you might be in the presence of a "Devil Bird".

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