The next time someone calls you a bird brain, you might want to consider that a compliment as science has now proven that Missouri crows are really math geniuses.

When I use the phrase "math genius", consider the fact that my Missouri education barely got me past 6th grade. My wife still gets mad when I tell our kids they'll never use algebra (prove me wrong). My point is that crows in Missouri are likely smarter than you think as CNN shared a story about scientists who just learned that crows can count to 4.

This article points to a study just published on that says crows in Missouri count their vocalizations. Check out these details shared in this just published paper:

"The crows flexibly produced between one and four vocalizations for corresponding cues associated with numerical values. Furthermore, they used different calls for different numbers."

The ability to count vocalizations means the ability of crows extends beyond that of young children which is astonishing when you think about it.

Upon learning this, my first thought was the fact that I now know how the group The Counting Crows got their name. But the crows in Missouri must be laughing at their song "You Can't Count on Me" because you could if you were a crow apparently.

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