College Football is making a proposal for changes to the way they will decide a national champion, and personally I think it's bad news for fans of Mizzou Football.

According to the College Football playoff committee will be meeting next week and will decide if they want to expand the college football playoff from the 4 teams it currently is, to 12 teams, in the article on they say...

"...bracket to include the six highest-ranked conference champions, plus the six highest-ranked other teams as determined by the CFP's selection committee. There would be no limit on the number of participants from a conference, and no league would qualify automatically."

None of this is final yet, but the news for college football playoff expansion I have long believed wouldn't be helpful for mid level power 5 conference teams like Mizzou, and Illinois.

People who argue that it would be helpful to expand for mid level schools say it would give them exposure to a national audience. Exposure only helps the teams that are good, what good does exposure do for Illinois or Mizzou (if they were to have a magical season next year and get into the playoff) if that exposure is them getting beat 55-13 to Alabama on a nationally televised game. Right now schools like Mizzou and Illinois are struggling enough in conference, but with transfer portals and recruiting going the way it is, the rich are only going to get richer in this system.

There is no stopping expansion, the college football playoff will eventually grow to 12 teams, max 16 at some point in the near future, mainly because there is so much money to be made. So in order for schools like Mizzou and Illinois to compete for a national championship it is only going to get harder. Mizzou could have won a national championship in the BCS system or the 4 team playoff, there is a formula, that formula is have a one loss season, beat Bama or Georgia, get one of those 4 spots because you recruited a kid a QB who's putting up top draft pick numbers, and get lucky in the playoff with 2 big wins. I don't see all of that happening AND having to win two more games in an expanded playoff system,  while it never seemed likely fans of teams of schools like Illinois, Mizzou, or my Northern Illinois University Huskies can basically kiss their chances of a championship goodbye...

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