My dad used to tell me that you can judge a person's character by what they do when nobody's watching. By that measure, this delivery driver has great character as he found a family's American flag fallen and proceeded to fix it and then saluted it.

There is no mention on the YouTube share of where this happened. I did some digging and found out this patriotic deed happened in North Carolina at the home of Karla Cruz according to Yahoo Finance. It gets even better. The Cruz family legally immigrated to America from Mexico. They shared this quote from Karla:

We adore this country and the opportunities it brought our family.

The FedEx driver had no idea the family had a doorbell cam watching him do the most honorable thing you can do.

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Well done, sir. FedEx needs to share the name of this man so he can be rightfully credited with doing the right and honorable thing while he thought no one was watching.

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