Ding dong. Who's there? A snake was the answer for one very surprised Kansas family as shown by their doorbell security camera.

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This brand new video share that was just dropped on Rumble this week happened in Kechi, Kansas. That's basically a suburb of Wichita if you're wondering. Their doorbell was ringing over and over again and they couldn't understand why. The doorbell video tells the tale (or is that tail?).

I don't know if the snake was wondering if the family would let it "borrow" some eggs or what, but it does appear that this isn't a venomous snake based on the shape of its head. If I had to guess, I'd say common water snake. It could also be an eastern racer which is also harmless. That being said, I'm still not opening up that door.

This is one of those reasons why people who have doorbell cameras swear by them and their value. If you're like me and you automatically open the door when someone knocks or rings, maybe you're better off checking to see who (or what) it is first.

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