If you have goats, this will likely be something you've experienced. A Midwest family's security cam video captured the moment a delivery driver inadvertently caused a group of goats to keel over.

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Based on the video description, this happened somewhat recently in Mead, Oklahoma. The driver was backing up to deliver a package and hit his brakes a little too hard which made a loud noise. Here's some animal math for you:

Loud noises = Fainting goats

And down they go in tandem.

Kids Discover provides some interesting backstory as to what makes certain goats faint. They're known as "Myotonic goats". It's a genetic mutation of the breed which causes some goats to be stiffer than others. I'm not making this up. They even have a scale of 1 to 6 rating how stiff a goat is and how likely they are to tumble over if startled. There is some real goat science at work here.

I've seen some fun fainting goat moments before, but never a tandem event like the 4 in this Oklahoma family's video. It's another example of the funniest moments in life just happen. Fortunately, no goats (or delivery drivers) were injured in the making of this video.

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