There is new legislation that is being discussed and is now law in some places that regulates smoking unlike anything you've likely ever seen. Is there any chance that Missouri would consider such a measure? Let's explore the possibilities.

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This is a measure that is proposed right now to become law in the United Kingdom. You might want to sit down for this if you enjoy smoking and/or vaping. The Independent is reporting that the proposal would effectively make it illegal for the younger generation now to smoke EVER.

The idea goes like this. They are trying to make smoking illegal for someone who's currently 14. Sounds reasonable maybe? But, it doesn't stop there. The proposal would also raise the legal smoking age by one year every single year. Translation? If it's not legal for you to smoke now, it won't be legal for you to smoke EVER.

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I cannot imagine a representative standing up anywhere in the Missouri legislature and bringing a bill like this up for a vote. I am not a political person, but it seems like something that many would never accept. Keep in mind that I have never smoked and never plan to, but I am in favor of people having the freedom to choose.

Do you think Missourians would ever stand for such a bill more or less outlawing smoking for an entire generation? I suppose time will tell if the UK proposal gets enough support that states in America consider it someday, too.

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