Maybe you've named a puppy, or a cat or maybe even a human being, but have you ever named an Octopus?

I'm going to go head and guess that you probably never have named an octopus before, but now is your chance.

The Shedd Aquarium in Chicago is looking for our help to name their octopus as part of a new exhibit, Octopus: Blue Planet II 4D Experience.

The exhibit kicked off today and runs until July 4th, so just under a week to check it out and to help them name this little guy.

Ok, I have no idea if the guy is in fact 'little,' but you know what I mean.

The team at the Shedd is giving five different octopus name suggestions and we can all vote on their website.

I'm partial to the first choice, because one of my nephews' names is Anderson!

In fact, that's how I found out about this contest, Anderson's mom shared it on Facebook.

I would probably lean toward Anderson or Sawyer regardless because I'm having trouble pronouncing the other choices... how do you say Dofleini?

What's your favorite choice?

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